Christmas Came Early!


Welcome to my first attempt at a blog! My goal is to encourage and challenge with various thoughts and share my life and musings as a minister of a smaller church in a rural setting. I hope you find the blog worthwhile and hopefully amusing from time to time.

I am not an academic type so you won’t find really deep thoughts here. I am, however, very much a “How does scripture fit into my daily life?” kind of guy. I struggle daily as a Christian, husband, father and minister to make my faith a part of my everyday life. At times I do great and at times I struggle. My guess is that you are no different. I hope you will get some encouragement on your daily walk with God and that you will encourage me on my walk.

One of my mother’s favorite scriptures was 3 John 4 (ESV) I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. Hopefully, as this blog unfolds, we will become wonderful friends trying to figure out how to walk with Jesus together.

Today is Christmas Eve. Everyone is getting excited about tomorrow and all the wonderful gifts, family, food, and for most, a day off. I got Christmas a day early as my daughter and son-in-law surprised us by coming in a day early and standing at the bottom of the stairs and Helene and I woke up and came down for our morning coffee. What a wonderful surprise!

God brings us special gifts every day if we look for them. Challenge yourself to start your day by waking up with wonder of what special thing God may have for you today. When we start the day expecting good it tends to make the whole day a little better. The side effect is that people will like being around you because you have a positive outlook on life. Most people are attracted to positive people. Be the light of God in a dark world.

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