I was reading the story of Caleb not long ago.  No, not when he and Joshua spied out the land, but 40 plus years later when he was 85.  (Joshua 14:6-15).  In this passage, this old man begs Joshua to let him go fight the giants, in the mountains, ensconced behind fortified cities. What??!! Who in the world would volunteer for that task?  Even more daunting when you are old, you are a peasant army and your enemy are some of the strongest warrior in the area!  Imagine Haiti invading the USA.  Now you can understand what Caleb is asking for.

So the question you have to ask is why?  Why would he WANT to take on that assignment?  Simple enough to answer.  You just have to go back to when he and Joshua were the only 2 spies who believed God had given them the land back when they first came to the promised land.  He believed he was strong enough because he had no doubt God would bring the victory.  His faith in God went far beyond his personal abilities.  His faith relied on God’s abilities. No barrier was going to stop him from serving his God while he still drew breath.  No enemy was strong enough to stand against God.  Caleb had a mindset that he could do anything and would do anything for his God including taking on giants in the mountains in their fortified cities!

It’s amazing what we can accomplish… or talk ourselves out of, depending on our mindset.  Too many Christians today would let a strand of string be too much of a barrier for them to overcome.  We are so often defeated before we even try.  We don’t really believe we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. I want to challenge you to create a mindset of Caleb.  Don’t let anything keep you from doing the work of God.

When Caleb led the way, he created an incredible model for the next generation.  His nephew/Son-in-law became the first judge of Israel.  What example will you set for the next generation of Christians? What legacy will you leave for those who follow behind you?  Are you ready to challenge those giants and let God bring the victory? Don’t focus on the obstacles; focus on the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

  1. June 15, 2016

    God is able to make us to stand when we place ourselves at his disposal.

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