No, this isn’t a health scare so you can take a sigh of relief. Thank you for worrying about me! This was a check-up of my wife’s car. Still a little scary result though. I jumped in her car a week or so ago and saw that she missed her oil change by about 3 months. Hey, sometimes those stickers are hard to see! Well, after getting the oil changed the mechanic said the brakes were almost completely worn down and they were afraid to let us drive the car without doing something soon. I can only imagine what might have happened in this winter weather as my beautiful wife discovering she had no breaks left when she need them most! Thankfully, we got the warning in time and got the problem taken care of. It was a good object lesson as to why we do routine check-ups on our vehicles.

Let’s move this to the spiritual application. Throughout Revelation 2 and 3 we see reminders to the churches that they needed to get some things taken care of or there would be dire consequences. Other New Testament passages allude to the same thing and the whole Old Testament is a reminder to Christians to continually check their faith or scary things could happen.

It’s so easy to go through life day in a day out and not take care of our spiritual needs and honestly believe all is good. Then the crisis point comes and when we need our spiritual strength the most, there is nothing to draw on! Keep your heart and mind connected to God. Fill your soul with His Word. Continually assess your faith to make sure it is strong and growing. Then, when you need your faith the most, all is good and you safely navigate the storm of life.

  1. February 23, 2016

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