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Welcome to His Kids Preschool

Below you’ll find information about the preschool, costs, times, and what we are all about on this page. 

We also hope to add some fun stuff as well! 

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about the preschool.

Important Information

All children must be potty trained by the time school starts.

Must turn 3 or 4 by August 1 for each respective class.

We follow the basic Rochester School calendar.

Starting a week after public school starts in August and ending a week before public school ends in May/June

Our Teachers

lisaLisa Hooley has a Early Childhood license and 20 plus years teaching preschool.

AmyAmy Widman helps with the 3’s class.  She has been an active part of the preschool as a mom for the last 3 years.  Amy loves children and is a wonderful asset to our kids first experience with “school.”

We also have a very strong board of directors that guide the preschool and the curriculum.  Our board consists of educators, public school board members, a college educator, and parents who have sent their kids through our preschool.

About Us

His Kids was started in 1998 by the church with Lisa Hooley and Helene Dillinger teaching the preschool and writing the curriculum.  Both women continue to be involved in the preschool.  Lisa is the head teacher and Helene serves on the school board.  Each year we help prepare 30+ kids for Kindergarten and teach them important Christian values.

Our curriculum is based on themes that combine academic standards and character.  We keep in close contact with Rochester School District on what they desire for incoming kindergarteners.

Our preschool board has 2 local school district board members, 2 elementary teachers, and others that have a great interest in education.


$45 non-refundable registration fee

$60/mo 3’s class

$75/mo Pre-K class

Class Times

3’s: Mon-Tues 8:30- 11:15 am

Pre-K – Wed – Fri 8:30- 11:15 am

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