One of the happiest days of my life as a minister was November 9.  No, not because of the results but because this sad election cycle is over.  Many of you woke up on that day discouraged, scared and unsure what happens next.  Some of you woke up stunned by the results.  Some of you woke up jubilant and excited for the futures.  But the question, looms for us as a country and as Christians; now what? Please, let your friend heal, then focus on helping our country move forward.  More importantly, get back to being a Christian and not a Democrat or Republican.

I believe Christians need to be the epicenter of healing as we move forward.  Our job is to help everyone know there is a brighter tomorrow.  Mostly, it has nothing to do with politics.  We need to help people see that Jesus reigns and cares no matter who is in what office. God is bigger than politics and bigger than nationalism.

As Christians, we have been so focused on our candidates, that we have let 1000’s die every day without hearing the message of the gospel.  Millions suffer in poverty, emotional pain, a sense of being lost and adrift and we don’t’ seem to really care. Shame on us!  We aren’t here to get wrapped up in politics, we are here to give the hope of eternity and salvation.  I’m not telling to you not care or be involved in politics.  God has blessed us with the ability to live in a nation that allows us to be part of the political discourse.  What I call us to remember is priorities.  God’s kingdom is number 1, all else is farther down the line.

It bothers me to see Christians more passionate about their political ideology than their faith.  It bothers me to see Christians out touting the greatness of their candidate who would never talk about their faith.  Really!?  Don’t you see what’s wrong with that picture?

So I rejoice that this election is over and I am hoping and praying that Christians will now take that same enthusiasm back to living a God-centered life. Our nation needs hope right now.  Help them find it in the King of kings.  The God of hope.

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