What Is Your Worship Like?

We sing Acapella, that is, we don’t use instruments.  Our services are a mix of hymns and praise songs.

Do you serve communion?

We take communion every week to commemorate the death of our Savior and his sacrifice for our redemption, and the power of the resurrection.

Do you pray during your church service?

We begin and end our worship in prayer and often have prayers interspersed throughout our worship.

Do we have to give an offering?

We offer our members an opportunity to support the needs of the church each week. You are not expected to contribute unless you desire to.

“How do I need to dress?

We are pretty informal when it comes to dressing for church services. While some will have a dress or suit on, most dress casual.

“Where is guest parking?

There are several spot marked for our guests on the front West side of the building.

“What is there for my kids?

We have attended nursery for all children 3 and under along with our JOY hour for children ages 4-5th grades every Sunday during worship. We also offer Bible classes every Sunday and Wednesday. Our Youth Group meets every month for a teen activity and our Junior Youth Group meets every other month for activities.

“How do I join the church?

We believe you are added to God’s church when you repent of your sins and submit to God’s forgiveness in baptism. To be a member of our congregation, the elders ask that they have a chance to sit down with you, get to know you and discuss some hopes and expectations of being a member of this congregation.

“How do I join a small group?

When we have small groups, we ask people to sign up for each group available during that period. If you wish to join a small group after that start time, just talk with the small group leader to see if they have room to add you.

“How do I get involved in a ministry of the church?

We think that being involved is a very important part of the spiritual life of our congregation. If you would like to be involved in a ministry, please see Jim or one of the elders.

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