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I Didn’t see it coming.

I love technology! … when it works.  Last winter, I picked up a nasty virus on my laptop. I found it shortly after Christmas and thought I removed it.  I guess I didn’t as I noticed my laptop getting unstable from time to time, but nothing seemed overly bad that I could tell.  Then things began to get worse.  I thought it was a stability issue so I tried to go back to an earlier restore point.  Nothing there!  After a week of trying to figure it out for myself, I eventually had to take it to a professional and they had to wipe my hard drive and reload my version of windows.  This virus had quietly worked in the background turning off my virus protection, turning off my restore points and the ability to update windows, and infecting several key files that made my computer run properly.  The only saving grace was that I stored all my documents on an external hard drive and they were able to be reclaimed.  It took an expert and a lot of time to put programs and files back where they needed to be and get things running right again.  Man, that was a painful experience!  I am much more diligent now about making sure the virus checker is going.

That experience got me to thinking.  How often do we let sin creep into our lives and quietly let it destroy everything? We don’t think it’s that bad at first.  We can handle it on our own. We got about our business thinking we have everything under control.  Yes, life gets a little unstable at times, but hey, what do you expect?  Then one day we wake up and realize what a mess we are, and we definitely can’t fix it on our own.  Luckily, we have a spiritual expert, Jesus, to put our lives back together again.  As Christians, we also have tech support in the form of the church to help us stay healthy and avoid any more nasty viruses.  Hopefully, you will realize you’re in over your head before it’s too late.  Go to the expert and use that spiritual tech support.  You will be much happier in the long run.

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